Burke Priest

After 20 years of management and leadership in adventure sports and tourism, my alcoholism got the better of me, and my life began to self destruct.
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During my time as a professional in this industry, I was the owner and operator of a motorcycle tour company and the owner and operator of three power sports dealerships. I am an outdoor adventure enthusiast who has participated twice in Iron Man Triathlons and three times in the XTERRA World Championships. I spent five years as a member of the Grand County Search and Rescue, and I am a Utah certified ATV / OHV instructor. After gaining my sobriety, I co-founded Adventures Anonymous with my wife, Nicole. We use my experience in this three-day program to combine outdoor adrenaline sports and self-discovery as a way to reconnect recently sober individuals to new methods of living and support the formation of new hobbies and interests.

When I hit bottom, I realized that my weaknesses could be my strengths. Staying sober is hard; Adventures Anonymous allows me to use my disadvantage to my advantage.

Nicole Priest, MD

I am an adventure enthusiast who loves to compete in Ironman triathlon and XTERRA off-road triathlon. The longer the day of adventure, the better.
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I have been a physician for 21 years and I am triple board-certified. I want to share my passion for lifestyle medicine with everyone who wants to heal their bodies and addictions with plant-based nutrition, quality sleep, regular exercise, and stress reduction techniques.

As a board member and co-founder of Adventures Anonymous, I will help guide you through Hippocrates' concept of "let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food."


Jeff Hollingworth

I am a Utah native and have been practicing corporate law along the Wasatch Front for more than 25 years. I was raised in Utah to enjoy its great outdoors and the physical and mental health benefits of getting outside.
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But somewhere along my road to "success and happiness," I started to lose my way and then crashed and crashed hard. Fortunately, I was able to get back on track. As part of my personal program, I volunteered to help the found founders of Adventures Anonymous, Burke and Nicole, with startup operations.

I went with Burke as a participant on an Adventures Anonymous' 3-day adventure to experience the program for myself. Burke took me first to Moab and then to Schofield. The experience was exhilarating, exhausting, and transformative. But most of all, it helped me to rethink, reset, and recharge my personal program.

Join us once for three days of healthy adrenaline-packed outdoor fun. Recharge your body, mind, and soul. You will want to keep coming back!

Paula Cook, MD

Paula Cook MD is a board certified Addiction Medicine and Family Medicine physician. She has worked in many arenas in the field of addiction recovery and feels honored to continue to be involved with people who experience substance use disorders.
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She has been involved in teaching medical students residents and fellows and is the Assistant Director of the Addiction Medicine Fellowship at the University of Utah. She lobbies on several State committees and consortiums involved with addiction and has been involved with Project Echo. She is auricular acupuncture trained, a plant based nutrition advocate, and is currently in the Andrew Weil Integrative Medicine fellowship. She hopes to build a novel center of excellence for integrative addiction medicine.

Paula is an avid outdoors-person, spending any extra time with family and on a bicycle, running on trails, or swimming in an open body of water. She has completed several ultra-marathons, long distance cycling events, off-road triathlons and many half and full distance Ironman events as well some CrossFit competitions. She loves yoga, is learning mindfulness meditation and cannot wait to work more with Adventures Anonymous, bringing her life and career experience to this awesome blend of 12 –step recovery to the healing power of the outdoors.

Paula Cook

Ron Chriswell

Our opportunity to help someone see past their past is of great importance to me. We owe it to ourselves to help someone see the best in themselves, to challenge themselves, and ultimately help themselves.
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As a manager (he likes the term coach better) in the RV industry, he feels that the goal isn’t to sell someone an RV, instead he believes that people buy memories - past, present, and especially future.

Ron doesn’t count the three years he spent bent over (a feat at 6’6”) planting pineapples in Hawaii as a nexus for his love of the outdoors. The forty years spent living in Idaho is where his appreciation has grown. Hiking, traveling, and especially camping in many of the Intermountain West’s beautiful areas have richly layered Ron’s appreciation of the outdoors. “We’ve got some of the most incredible beauty in the world right here in Utah and Idaho. We have incredible mountains, rivers, lakes, and high-deserts with incredible vistas- all filled with amazing wildlife.”

Combining these amazing outdoor resources with a desire to overcome life challenges drives Ron’s desire to help as many individuals benefit from Adventures Anonymous’ unique approach. “Our opportunity to help someone see past their past is of great importance to me. We owe it to ourselves to help someone see the best in themselves, to challenge themselves, and ultimately help themselves.”

As a father, and as an individual, Ron has been on the front line of addiction issues. He understands the challenges of addictive behavior. This understanding drives him and his desire to help others. “Ultimately, I want to help others create new memories, and I want to help people feel good about themselves. I want them to feel the joy of each new step they take going forward in their lives.”

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